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Hollywood Heat Pump Repair

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Heat Pump Hollywood FL

We are the Hollywood Florida heat pump service and repair contractor you should call first. You will be pleased with the fast service and repairs to your heating and other Hollywood FL furnace system that are done correctly the first time. We do this and more for a low price.

Energy Tax Credits for Heat Pump Upgrades

You may qualify for $1,500 in federal tax credits for energy savings upgrades if you purchase a qualifying heat pump. These super efficient units will pay for themselves if your HVAC system is already ten or twelve years old. The efficiency is that much better. Combined with the tax credit and you get a payback period of several years and you are doing the environment good at the same time.
When you upgrade to a heating and cooling system with a SEER rating and AFUE rating that meets the government’s Energy Star rating your are doing the “green” thing. Saving the environment? Maybe. Saving money? Absolutely. And keeping comfortable, too. When you need anything to do with Hollywood Fl air conditioning repair just call us, because we are always here for you.

Water Source and Geothermal Heat Pump Hollywood FL Available

Hollywood residents are installing ground and water source heat pumps for heating and cooling that have the highest efficiency available. This high tech equipment takes advantage of the water’s or the earth’s near-constant temperature to provide the highest level energy efficiency for air conditioning and heat available today. Your family will enjoy the following benefits:

• Fantastic Energy Savings – Our clients report cutting heating and cooling costs in half. Add optional hot water heaters to save even more.

• Added Year Round Comfort – the temperatures of water and earth fluctuate very little compared to air temps. This makes it are easier to maintain your homes temperature.

• Mechanical noises are almost non-existent.
Hollywood Fl Heat Pump Repair

Emergency Heat Pump Hollywood FL Repair

When you need Hollywood Fl emergency air conditioning repair, give us a call. This goes for all of your climate control needs. We are the premier heating and cooling repair guys in the area and that includes your Hollywood Fl heat pump. So when you need your AC fixed or just a Hollywood Preseason air conditioning check up, do not hesitate to call us. We can be here to help quickly and like your grandmother always said, and ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure. So get your heat pump looked at before each changing of the season. The small problem they catch could save you big bucks on your heat pump Hollywood, or any other repair.