Window Mounted Hollywood FL AC Unit Tips

Why Hollywood FL Window Air Conditioners Ice Up

When air-conditioning your home, the window of your unit may freeze. This is a puzzling phenomenon since, the air conditioner is supposed to give your rooms cool air and not refrigerate it. This happens because the air to the cooling coil is restricted in one way or the other. Icing up also takes place because the heat in the cooling coil is not enough to humidify your home. This could be because of several factors.

Hollywood FL AC Unit Care

Hollywood FL AC Unit Care

1. Improper sizing of an air conditioner
Using a large air conditioning system for a small room could be a major cause of icing up. It is therefore, imperative that you buy the right size for each room. This is possible, using a sizing chart provided in the stores.

2. Dirty coils
Your air conditioner comes with two coils, the evaporator, and the condenser. The evaporator is responsible for cooling your room, while the condenser, which is on the outside, removes the heat from your room. When the air flows inside your room it is accompanied by smog, pollen, mold, mildew, bacteria and even fungi. The elements may affect proper airflow to and out of your air conditioner. The coils should be cleaned at least twice in a year by an AC service Hollywood FL expert, preferably in spring and fall. You can do it yourself or with the help of an air conditioner technician.

3. Filter is unclean
The filter may also clog due to dirt. Therefore, it is wise to turn off the unit, dismantle it, remove the filter and wash it with water and a gentle detergent in your kitchen sink. After washing it, you should leave it to dry for one and a half hours.

4. Gas leak
A gas leak can also cause your air conditioner to act as a refrigerator. Hence, ensure that there are no leaks and correct those you find in your unit.

5. Too low or high thermostat setting
The settings on your air conditioner can also affect the functioning of your system. If set too low, you may want to increase level of warmth. On the other hand, if the setting is high and it is left overnight and the temperatures outside get lower, this may cause the icing on the window.

Check all the above and use a towel to spread underneath the unit. This will help absorb the water that thaws from the unit and prevent damage on other items in the room.